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Hello Obsidian folks! I would like to express my clear joy and thanks for the grounded, I recently finished early access with some friends and the game is excellent! ps:"The mother spider's den is chilling, especially at night ;-;".
During gameplay, it was inevitable to think how small we were in relation to the world, so I was faced with the thought: "What about a dog?" I would like to suggest an idea for an "event" within the game, playing with the daily clock that the game has. On one day of the week (within the game), there will be "walking time", when the owners of the house will let the dog take a walk in the yard. This will be the moment where players will have to find the dog, climb on it and explore a walking canine island, fighting fleas, ticks, collecting fur, and such. I understand it's an exaggerated idea, but I'd like to at least share it with you.
 Thank you very much for the work of the whole team, I wish you much success!


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