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So, after doing more reading, it seems like the majority of people either play in real time mode or write their guides for real time mode. I've only played in turn based mode, as I hate having multiple things going on at once, and though I understand you can pause it mid action, I feel like it would be too chaotic for me. To be fair, I also only play on the basic difficulty, so I'd guess that most of the finer details would be moot? Is there any great benefit or enjoyment to playing turn based, and are there broad things to just avoid in turn based mode?

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I think the main concerns with turn-based mode are

  1. the game is not really designed for it (turn-based mode came later), so there are more trash fights and some extremely tanky fights than would be comfortable for a game built from the ground-up to be turn-based
  2. in broad strokes, some aspects of action economy that apply in RTwP don't apply nearly as strongly in turn-based mode, since turn-based mode guarantees everyone gets an action. in particular, armor is not nearly as punishing, and it's much harder to interrupt.

so long as you are comfortable with that, you should play with whatever mode you prefer and just keep in mind that certain bits of RTwP advice won't apply. i would imagine that much of the joy from turn-based mode comes from the turn-based mode itself and being able to more easily make optimal decisions.

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