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  1. I've played a chunk of the game (a while ago) so I'm still somewhat unfamilliar with the ins and outs. What are the major story paths or styles in this game? Is there a recognized name for these story paths. From my experience, it seems like most of them are faction related; you could be pro pirate, you could be pro huana, you could be pro Valian, you could be pro Rauatai. Are there any broadly recognized paths or are there so many variances that folks generally only worry about the specific choices in the plot (when x event happens you can chose to either help this person or kill that person). Thanks!
  2. So, after doing more reading, it seems like the majority of people either play in real time mode or write their guides for real time mode. I've only played in turn based mode, as I hate having multiple things going on at once, and though I understand you can pause it mid action, I feel like it would be too chaotic for me. To be fair, I also only play on the basic difficulty, so I'd guess that most of the finer details would be moot? Is there any great benefit or enjoyment to playing turn based, and are there broad things to just avoid in turn based mode?
  3. Oh I see! So you could attack with some sort of ranged stuff and then swap to a Tower shield for maximum retaliation avoidance.
  4. While I've played Deadfire, I've only played it once, and then only got maybe halfway, mayyyyybe 3/4 through the story, so my understanding of the game is still pretty novice level. What would one need to make a character that insures they are able to pass as many conversation checks as possible? To be able to access as many conversation nuggets as possible? To get to as many secret locations, locked chests, hard to get items, etc as possible? I see (and how awesome they are) that the majority of builds are for the dizzyingly complex combat system. This is for a character that would, probably, be babysat by the rest of the party while it gets to every nook and cranny of the game that isn't combat. And I'm not looking for one build, per se, in case that's just not doable, but what would be the stuff one should make sure to have. Thanks!
  5. Oh I seeeeeee. Probably the person was planning on real time play. Well back to the drawing board, lol.
  6. Does anyone know if this build is still the most recent version (5.0?) viable? Or is it outdated?
  7. I guess I'm misunderstanding what feeds Ascension, or possibly the mechanics of turn based pistol use. The theory I'd heard was that if you fired your first set in slot 1, you could then switch to slot 2 and fire those next turn, then switch to the set in slot 3 and fire those the turn after that, and then switch to a melee set in slot 4 and start bopping people until you had disintigrate or some such charged up.
  8. Hey gang, was trying to wade through a search for Berath's Blessings and it comes up a lot, so I couldn't find this specific request (though I'm sure it's out there in the forum). I only have 30ish points unocked so far, but what are your go to Berath's Blessings? A full ranking would be grand, but really, what's your top three, top five? Thanks!
  9. Hey gang, infrequent Deadfire player who has been trawling the forum for build ideas. I gather that Black Jacket is an oft passed over class. However, I had some specific scratches to itch which I thought it might help out with. What I'm looking for is: Pistols, either single or dual. While Seraphims bombards are sick as hell, they just don't groove with my asthetic. Less important is something relatively straight forward, with most abilities being per combat I came across the idea of a Blackjacket/Ascendant who uses 3 weapon slots of pistols to build focus, and then unleashes stuff while Ascended and then rinse and repeat. I was also thinking Soulblade, but I was hoping to keep it 3/4 ranged (though I'm not against having this build wade in if need be), and Soulblade seems to need a lot of melee synergy (and thus lose my nifty cool pistols). I dont' mind suggestions for broader MC pistol wielding builds, but my specific interest was how viable the above combo is. NB, thinking of using the 4th weapon slot for something that can handle pierce immune foes, and eventually getting the, I can't remember the name, but the pistol that does either raw damage or something that isn't piercing.
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