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Please Change the Huck Function to be Contextual

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While I appreciate that buttons can be remapped, I really believe that Huck as a default should not be universal to anything you carry and on the RB for a controller.

Huck should be a contextual function for actual throwable objects, and therefore on RT while holding them.

For example, it is frustrating to accidentally huck a weapon or tool you are carrying, to then have to chase it down and find it during a fight, when RB is better served with something like equipping last used item/tool/weapon (which is what I do) so you can quickly switch between say a melee and ranged weapon, or if you are digging with a shovel to a weapon just used. And when you do have a throwable equipped, like a bratwurst, LT drops it but RT does nothing.

By reassigning RB by default and enabling RT to function as Huck with a throwable - including the brat/splatburst as outlined above, spears (LT jabs and RT hucks), and grass planks/weed stems (LT drops/stacks, RT hucks), etc. - this greatly improves contextual actions "in the moment" and expands control options for players.

Thank you.

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Since the 1.0 launch, still feel this needs to be revisited. While I have since remapped RB to equip Hot Pouch slot 1 and is my default weapon, and is almost always more useful than huck, there are those few times huck would be beneficial when holding specific items like bombs, planks/stems, or pebbles, etc.

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