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I feel that the Ant head totem should repel ants, or at least, red ants. 


I enjoyed finding it, the cave looked creepy & was saddened when I found out that the totem was simply decoration. 😭

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I'd be for that totem and any future totems having an area effect; especially now that base raids are added in. I watched a YouTube trying to see if using two or more would create some kind of invisible barrier that ants wouldn't cross and while that didn't work I thought it was cool idea. I think it would be okay for it to work that way during non-raids time. During raids though I think the effect would need to be changed to shortening the amount of time they attack for... so perhaps not everything would be destroyed. You can already build walls around aunt hill entrances which can greatly reduce the number of ants roaming the map so I don't know that it matters that totems could be abused the same way. 

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