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Hi everyone!

I'm quite a  latecomer to Deadfire, I just started, finished my first run to Ukaizo this month, after reading lots of build ideas from here, so I felt indebted to post mine. My first message on this forum.

It was a fun to seek the most synergies to survive the PoTD mobs solo that fast, I think I find the most synergies for a melee-crit DPS build in there, after some of my test builds, then let's get on with it.


At first, Berath's Blessings highly favorable for this build, especially the starting money,Mythical adra Stone and +2 attributes, I played this way.

Race: Human (Synergies):1- Bloodied bonus easier to reach with Hellwalker, favorable for melee, +Might and Resolve is welcome as well

Deadfire Archipelago: I wanted to max the Dexterity-

Woedican Background: For power levels

Mercenary- For athletics (the only skill we need except skillchecks)

Weapons: Amra with Mythical Adra Stone- Wanton Gore/ Tempered Fury, Unarmed/ Tuotilo's Palm

(Synergies):1- It's problematic to go Single type Slash damage with devoted since you can encounter immune enemies, but Monk class saves the day with literally zero investment. You can do unarmed crush damage to Slash immune enemies without devoted malus instead with devoted bonuses.

2-You can go with Magran's Favor time to time since playing single type weapon when devoted can be boring, enjoy one handed gameplay against lower tier enemies with Magran's Favor, not great synergy but it Magran's Favor comes legendary quality, requires minimal investment after acquiring. Battleaxes are only weapon type I know supports two different styles(one-handed/two handed)

3- %20 Crit Damage  Battleaxe weapon modal comes handy with Fighter's Intuitive Bonus (%25 Hit to Crit Ratio) comes with Disciplined Strikes and other Hit to Crit bonuses I invested on. 

4- Tempered Fury eliminates Frenzy Deflection Penalty useful in solo, %33 AOE useful against mobs as well.

Headgear: Helm of The Falcon early game/ Champion's Helm late game optional.

Synergies: 1: Helm of the Falcon easy to acquire if u have the money. Undebatable Best fit for 2 handed gameplays.

2-Champion's Helm brings extra flavor with riposte like ability,and increased attack speed agianst crowded mobs if u like.

Armor= Reckless Brigandine / Blackened Plate Armor (Optional)

Synergies: 1-Fighters already start with better engagement numbers, Hellwalker tends to lose health then it triggers extra armor+and damage makes you more staunch&faster at Bloodied state, where you exactly want to be.

2- Blackened Plate for artistic reasons and a lot of different bonuses (-Armor aura for more damage, Poison resistance, more Regeneration when life is low, random Inspirations when bloodied are all useful)

Boots: Boots of the Stone  Synergies : 1- +Dexterity +Resolve and Resistance to Might Afflictions comes extra handy while its Critical to maintain 25 might to fully benefit Amra.

Belt: The Undying Burden Synergies +2 Constitution while we need it as a Hellwalker, extra Second wind ( Athletics is a skill already to be invested to past skill checks) Damage Reduction increases with life lost makes you stauncher at bloodied state

Rings: Entonia's Signet Ring- (Synergies): Stacking defenses trigger easily whilst solo 5x2= +10 total

          Ring of Solitary Wanderer- (Synergies): Meant for solo gameplay even by name :) Saves you from afflictions with +resolve and extra -%35 duration 

Cape: Cape of the Falling Star Synergies: All defenses including Deflection (better than either Protection-Deflection Capes) + Aoe damage when unconscious ( works with Fighter's Unbreakable Passive)

Neck: Cog of Cohh (More Damage+ Aware Inspiration gives +5 Perception)

Hands: Gatecrashers (Synergies): +1 Might useful to Reach Amra's 25 Might Threshold, Crit- Knockdown useful synergy for crowd management against multiple enemies

Pet : Pes- +%10 Melee Damage %5 Hit to Crit Ratio

Rest-Boon Officer's Stay : +2 Might+ Concentration - Rabyuna's Boon +1 Might +2 Resolve


Might: 11 Base +1 Human +2 Berath's Blessing :14 Total ( It's risky to go for more since wounds+ strong inspiration of frenzy brings +15, and handgear brings +1, Rest and Boons +3,  is quite enough for good enough damage without risk reaching 35 hardcap especially if u save scam for alchemic cave+ get gift from machine) 

Constitution: 8 Base+ 2 Berath Blessing +2 Undying Burden  12 Total - (Limits you at the beginning but gets much better With Iron Wheel + Fit Inspirstion from Frenzy)

Dexterity: 18 Base +2 Berath's +1 Deadfire Archipelago +1 Boots of the Stone (You'll hit crazy fast even with heavy armor)

Perception: 12 Base + 2 Berath's + 1 Galawain's Reward ( 15 total is fair enough for accuracy, +5 from Cog of Cohh Aware Inspiraton)

Intellect: 16 Base + Berath's ( longer Inspirations and Frenzy makes you finish the fight without needing time-resources for renewing them)

Resolve:10 Base+ 2 Berath's +1 Human +1 Ring of Solitary wanderer + 1 Boots of Stone +2 Rabyuna's Boon ( 17 total is good enough to get rid of afflictons faster rate)

Start Abilites :Constant Recovery+Devoted ( Endurance + Increased pen and Crit Damage From the start) Transcendent Suffering and Helscar (no need for ditching means of gaining wounds) 

Tier 1- Disciplined Barrage-Fast Runner-Swift Strikes-Force of Anguish( Force of Anguish is preferable to Knock Down since Discipline more needed than wounds for inspirations + your only skill uses wound powerpool)

Tier 2- Fighter Stances- Two Handed Style (For Amra) - Determination- Confident Aim

Tier 3- Swift Flurry(Crit-Speed Synergy is great) -Soul Mirror-Bull's Will-Disciplined Strikes (For Intuative)

Tier4- Duality of Mortal Presence-Body Control (Another Resistance to keep your Might High) - Weapon Specialization-Vigorous Defense

Tier 5-Mob Stance (More AOE+Speed vs Crowds) -Uncanny Luck (More on Crit) -Armored Grace (Synergy with Heavy Armor)- Enervating Blows (Synergy with Crit)- Unbending ( to further benefit from Hellwalker dmg malus)

Tier 6- Refreshing Defense (Works great in solo since you're the only target)  -Improved Critical (Needless to Say) -Iron Wheel (Endurance you needed to Negate the Hellwalker Malus) -Flagellant's Path (Move effectively Around Battlefield, the active you'll use the most)

Tier 7- Unbreakable (More endurance on the battlefield) - Heartbeat Drumming ( Another great Synergy With Crit)

You can optionally use Clear Out From Tier6 instead of Unbending Tier5 ( I actually go that way myself) to use remaining discipline for crowd control, instead of more endurance. 

And that's it, You'll have great Hit to Crit ratio, your Crits will do good damage,cause afflictions (Enervating Blows) do aoe dmg and trigger other attacks, you'll be heavily armored and still very fast (Bloodied+Frenzy+Full Dexterity+Mob Stance+Reckless Brigandine,Armored Grace,Swift Flurry and Headgear Bonus to attack speed) , 3 different powerpools to use while your might is crazy high without even much investing on it. Your inspirations will be very long, 2 second winds and one resurrection, more armor as you lose health(Reckless Brigandine) as you gain wounds (Iron Wheel) have constant life recovery, good defense (Refreshing Defense- Frenzy without Deflection Penalty (Amra-Tempered Fury) less time with Afflictions (Ring of Solitary Wanderer), Extra penetration and damage from Devoted.

Quite hard to keep alive at start, but if u manage to gain level on trivial quest (not hard at solo) this build just becomes unstoppable.

I guess its much more than one can wish from a Deadfire melee build :)

I always welcome to hear your suggestions and corrections, thank you for your time if u read it all :)


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Some additions+small corrections
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4 hours ago, Huss said:

Woedican Background: For power levels

Are you referring to Soul Power "Granted to those dedicated to Woedica if the souls were used to strengthen her in the quest Memories of the Ancients, during the events of Pillars of Eternity - Steel Garrote and Priest of Woedica NPCs only." It doesn't help you I think?

Nice build! How did it play against for instance Trial of the Naga or other tough SSS encounters? Is Unbending enough to keep you alive vs. the onslaugh? What about certain fights in Nemnok's enclave or Splintered Reef with all the Arcane Dampeners?

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Note that the Entonia Signet Ring will not give you defenses based on how many enemies you engage - but instead on how many enemies engage you. Against enemies that don't have engagement the ring provides nothing. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thx for all the questions!

Flagellant Path helps you avoid any area targeting spells like Arcane Dampener by jumping on the mages one by one from range then slaughter them.

I usually wait melee mobs to attack me first, hit them once or twice, wait to the exact moment multiple mages to target my area, then target a mage from range with Flagellant's Path right before they cast spells on me.

They're usually more vulnerable than melee guys 2-3 hits usually enough to kill one, then jump on other one right before another cast.

Actually, Rings-Cape-Cog of Cohh and Pet can be changed to other items for more needed skills hard fights, at least that was what i usually did. Since Aware inspiration already comes with Disciplined Strikes, Cog of Cohh only helped me for dps at random encounters. I used Protective Eothasian Charm, Baubles of Fin, Necklace of Harvest Moon situationally.

Boss fights require some preperations, like changing to Flame Naga Hatchling- Woedica's Stangling Grasp, Bone Setter Torc, Rekvu's Scorching Cloak + intentional Injury for Bloodfire, right before killing Jadaferlas the Ancient made my job way easier. While main logic of the build didn't very much change with those one time changes.

Stormturner Cloak vs Scyorielaphas was also useful.

Using powerful one per rest items like Nemnok's Cloak is also a good option when it comes to boss fights while those are unviable to use for random encounters.

For Background Part, I went with Galawain for myself, idk if he helped me with hp or not, i just didn't wanna lose the chance to get stronger for free. Galawain and Woedica seemed the only gods offering sth at start, so thought Woedica's offer were better than Galawain's for the build post. Good to know i didn't miss anything by choosing Galawain, but i still don't know if Galawain's bonus isn't applicable to players as well. 

I also used infamous captain (%5 more dmg) but forgot to mention my first post.

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On 5/2/2022 at 10:19 PM, Waski said:

can't see how that build can tackle megabosses/sss/etc, even frightened child?


edit. on potd

Now I actually had the chance to try this build against Nemnok & Guardian of Ukaizo. Seems changing a few thing is a must for a better boss fight performance.

I used to play not relying on consumables, but god, PoTD bosses isn't doable missing them. And meeting the "Potion of Miraculous Healing" made me understand how little i gain with investing Second Winds&Unbreakable.

-Eventually,I give up "Unbreakable" passive form fighter and instead choose "Dichotomous Soul" form Monk class.

This is the way to distract enemies overpowering you. Wounds power pool replenishes and you nearly have endless summons until the fight ends.

-Change "Cape of the Falling Star" to "Giftbearer's Cloth" (Since unconscious AOE is already lost with Unbreakable, you'll only lose some deflection instead you'll gain an extra consumable slot and more of other defences scaling with History skill)  

-Try to reach, 15 Arcana (to use Scroll of Great Maelstrom when it helps)

-If you're not in a boss fight, try Champions Cape for extra speed &riposte whilst you keep using Helm of the Falcon (i assume same effects with Champions Helm helm doesn't stack)

-Make sure you check the damage type of the boss you'll face. If its elemental use "Nature's Embrace" belt, if its Crush use "The Makers Own Power" belt. Undying burden is ok on other occasions.

-You can replace Solitary Wanderer Ring with Chameleons Touch, if you give up soloing. If not they can still make a good pair.

-Devil of Caroc Breastplate is also cool potion to use as armor time to time.  

And that's it you're good to go :)

Deepnote: mega bosses like Dorudugan isn't doable with this guy. Unless you're willing to give up melee & spend 100 hours with overshooting Essence Interrupter :)




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7 hours ago, Huss said:

Deepnote: mega bosses like Dorudugan isn't doable with this guy. Unless you're willing to give up melee & spend 100 hours with overshooting Essence Interrupter :)

to be fair, i don't think being unable to dorudugan or megabosses "fairly" is a knock against a build, they are just extremely annoying puzzles :) 

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On 8/9/2022 at 2:52 AM, thelee said:

to be fair, i don't think being unable to dorudugan or megabosses "fairly" is a knock against a build, they are just extremely annoying puzzles :) 

Got Sigilmaster Auranic at 3rd attempt, it's the only one but still a megaboss kill :)

Ring of Mule's Wit helped me to not get frightened by Obelisk of Terror, (you get easily killed if you have no resolve affliction resistance at all)

I used the third weapon slot provided by Giftbearer's cloth with Cadhu Scalth-Thundercrack Pistol to play it safe when Auranic went frantic (certain spell channels the damage she took hits for nearly 400hp at once, this got me at 2nd attempt ) whilst she is near death. 

Be cautious of these two certain things, the rest is just fisting the sigils and slaying the Auranic as fast as you can. My boy just did it :) 


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