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Poison immunity

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Having 75% immunity is good for the mithridatism but add like an extra 25% from the brood mothers mutation so instead of one mutation for free immunity to poison you would have to use mithridatism and the brood mother mutation or make a smoothie that adds the extra 25% so you could temporarily have it but not all the time

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Another boot down the ladder to the bottom of the food chain. Now we have to drag ourselves up once again and grind, grind, grind to reach just under where we were before the update. Sounds familiar? Sigh.  I just got use to not jumping out of my skin when I turn around a corner and come face to face with a Wolf Spider. At least I had a fighting chance. Now....not so much.  I shudder at the thought of starting a new playthrough with level 0 armor and no immunity at all. Again, but worse? Will the fun never end? 🤣

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