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Slight stuttering problem

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So I have slight frame rate stutters at random points, it has nothing to do with my specs because this happens when I tested it on the lowest graphics setting possible, and it detects my specs at very high to ultra. Does anyone else get this? I've tried a bunch of things, limiting frame rate to 60, turning off chromatic aberration, turning off game mode in windows, and it still gets this annoying stutter, mostly when I move the mouse really fast. Is the game just poorly optimized? :getlost:

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No it's not the game. My machnes both run it with no issues on max settings. One is a 3rd gen I5 and the other is 10th gen I7. No issues. Try updating your driver? If that doesn't work my next step would be a clean install on your gpu. Make sure all old drivers are wiped clean. 

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