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  1. Yes, it is the game. Many posts and investigations confirmed this a long time ago. The verticalsync or some thingamajigthingy is poorly optimized. I had this problem when the game release and I have the same problem now with a i7-11700 and rtx 3070. I would love to play the game but its unplayable imo. If it works "fine" for some ppl they are for very mysterious reasons lucky or they are not picky about stuttering/screentearing and fps drops.
  2. Im not touching the game until the arrows over the enemies can be removed.
  3. F:NV had quests that ppl talk about even today and is fun to play over and over. In TOW it´s like questdesign was outsourced to another company. It got so tedious and booring I quit, the story and quests are so soulless and dead im sad.
  4. I agree with alot of this but most of all....where are the grenades and mines?! I want a explosive oriented character as this is supposed to be an combat rpg! I always used alot of explosives in F:NV. But when it all comes down to it I just want it to be more like F:NV which it is not! People talk about the vibe and feel from NV, spiritual successor etc...where is it? I´ve played for hours and have seen zero things, mechanics, storywise, places that even remotely gets me thinking of NV. It does however get me thinking of mass effect, bio shock and borderlands. And I would gladly continue playing NV and im almost at 700 hours but the damn game crashes all the time. Now, Obsidian...consider this: I would prefer playing a game that crashes every 20-30 min over TOW. Nuff said. By the way, what is the incentive for the character to do anything of the things he/she does at the start. After hours I see no story at all. Why go get a power thingy for the ship? Wasnt the point of the journey just to get to the outer worlds? The character got there only later and the world is lovely, plenty of work so why bother doing anything of the things the game throws at you? Zero incentive. In Fallout 4 with that pathetic mess of a story you still had some incentive to get going somewhere.
  5. How do I turn off the oversized annoying crosshair? How do I turn of the immersion killing stupid arrows over the enemies?! ....also, this game needs a permadeath option.
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