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As you probably know, the Ring of the Marksman, the Harley pet and the Acina's Tricorn give some bonus to some weapon's effects, like the AoE of Citzal's Spirit Lance, WotEP, Amra, Keeper of the Flame etc. and also weapon's abilities like Thunderous Report and others.

The Sharpshooter subclass give also +1pen and 15% crit chance with these effects, like other Passives from the ranger side (like Marksman).

I made some test, so the fire damages from Keeper of the flame on myself have the +1pen from the subclass (<4m), but not from Marksman talent (>4m). In other side, Thunderous Report on far than 4m targets have +5acc from the talent, but not the pen bonus. That mean, for melee AoE weapons, the subclass is advantageous, anf for other effects (>4m), the class is beneficial.

I thought that can be interesting to know.

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Harley also applies to all sorts of direct damage that's not melee, including most spells etc. 

Cool thing to know about Sharpshooter. 👍 Never noticed because since Arcane Archer was out I never played another subclass (except Stalker for melee). ;)


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I took a look into the gamedata file, and Scordeo's Edge ranged acc bonus work in the same way ; +30acc for the lance's AoE , maybe it is more dangerous than the first hit from the weapon ! I have to do some test to see what happen for spells you mentioned.

Then the acc bonus work for everything that is an ranged effect from a weapon but not for spells. I tried many options with a cipher an a wizard. 

Maybe a MC ranger with Scordeo's Edge and Grave Calling killing skeletons can be very powerful. 

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