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Why is there fall damage

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I would like for you guys to think about this. Bugs primarily developed falling/flight mechanisms to allow faster transversal of the environment to either get food or to avoid being food. I can drop an ant from 1ft or 100ft and the ant wouldn't be hurt. Just alot further away from location. Animals that take drop damage are gonna need to be alot larger and solid mass. As scrawny as the kids are none should weigh to much more than a soldier Ant or a bombardier beetle.


So with this in mind I would suggest a complete fall damage removal from the game. Still keep gliders as they allow for nice distance jumps and pinpoint landings.  Change the daredevil quirk to something that would be more useful. Such as faster zipline speed, higher jumps and a possible fall attack


Also perk idea Oath of the Shovel. Shovels deal more damage. Attacks from above will collapse an enemy (they sprawl and have to regain footing).  Example of usefulness. Fencing by pond. Orb weaver is walking underneath you jump with shovel down towards your feet. The weaver took damage and your friends are rushing it before it stands up. It would be even better if this damage calc was based on height of the jump but because of issue stated above 30 cm should be the maximum damage benefit

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If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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Strange that you mentioned this.......I just witnessed an Aphid drop from a blade of grass and go "SPLAT!"  right at my feet. I was just walking by and not brushing up against anything. "I'm innocent! I tell you! Innocent!" His little friend is not buying my story. Really jumping up and down, all around me, chirping hysterically. Hmmmm.....me thinks he protest too much. "Where were you when the deed was done, little friend?" 

No....seriously. I agree. The aphid should have shook itself off and skipped away. Not too sure about the science, though. It's been a 'wee' while since I've picked up a science book. Google, anyone? Something about physical density (weight?), size, and velocity. (Please don't quote me......memory is not my forte.) :) 

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On 3/7/2022 at 6:50 AM, agiertz said:

YES. I've been saying this since before the crow update! Even a squirrel is incapable of reaching terminal velocity, how could we possibly take fall damage?

Well if you shave a squirrel (easier said than done and best done by a friend who is not sober) it would get fall damage. It's just your not a mass heavy enough to gain terminal velocity from minute heights

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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