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I only yesterday found out that if I use "The Long Night's Drink" + "Thick Grew Their Tongues" with full linger overlap as a Troubadour and wait until both phrases have hit enemies (so both debuffs are on them for 10+ secs) and only then turn on Brisk Recitation the durations on the enemies will get refreshed to the max all the time as if Brisk Recitation were still turned off - but every 3 secs instead of every 6 of course. This allows full coverage of the effects forever - but I can still get fast phrase generation. 

This is obviously not the case when I go in with Brisk Recitation because then the effect placed on the enemies are only 3 secs short. 

So my tactic now is to go in without Brisk Rec. and turn it on as soon as the enemies are affected with both effects (usually after 6 secs). 

I don't know why I didn't notice before - but I guess it's because I didn't play a ton of Troubadours but preferred the other subclasses most of the time - and when I picked Troub I went for Brisk Recitation right away (see Troub/Psion). 


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Oh I never thought this thing but that make sens, it is great! And because when the effect is refreshed ( it is still the first one effect ) that perturb the "maths" in relation to the duration, I think if you enfeeble the ennemy after some refresh, the +50% duration is calculated from the totale duration (not the first 6s) of the effects. 

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