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Annoying mosquitos and Larvae

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I actually don’t mind the mosquitos. My weapon of choice has been the mosquito needle for the health regen but I also like keeping the healbasas on me over bandages. Totally agree on the larvae though. I don’t even pick up those parts anymore. 

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I wish the larvae and mosquitos could be weakened, same with dust mites. All of them usually attack in groups, and experienced players can handle them fine with their tier II and III weapons, but for casual players/beginners they are way too frustrating with tier I weapons! I even have mosquitos aggro'ed on me near my base, despite them unable to see me, and they start attacking the walls.

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I find them annoying when you're building in mosquito spawn areas as they have a large aggro range, aren't phased by ant armor, and can do a bit of damage to buildings. I'm experimenting with trapping them in boxes to make my construction areas more player friendly.

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