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  1. I want a healbasa arrow or maybe a smoke screen arrow. These could take raiding to the next level making the archer build more practical without DPS boosts. Could also open up the game play for more challenging boss fights.
  2. I find them annoying when you're building in mosquito spawn areas as they have a large aggro range, aren't phased by ant armor, and can do a bit of damage to buildings. I'm experimenting with trapping them in boxes to make my construction areas more player friendly.
  3. Is anyone having trouble building spiral stairs with round wall pieces? After a number of levels, the walls and stairs suddenly become obstructed by each other and can no longer be built together. I tried different wall materials and windowed, not windowed; and they all had the same problem. I couldn't build past 4 high levels high and my friend couldn't past about 8 levels high.
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