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Suggestions after finishing Hot and Hazy content

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After finishing the Hot and Hazy content, seeing the new into the wood content, and beating the boss, these are just some suggestions I have for the game:

  • Add an insectopedia, or some form of info panel that tells us what each bug is weak to. Maybe you could unlock this ability once you kill such bug, and then you would know what weapon and upgrade to use. 
  • Add back base raids, to give us a purpose to use base traps, and design bases other than just for decor. This apparently use to be in the game, and then it was taken out. It could work as such as once you kill a certain amount of such bugs, they attack your base. Or these could be a part of the story. Or at least some bugs could just agro when they see you in the base, and they try to take it down to get to you. 
  • I think the food system needs a minor revamp, as do many others, and I think adding a fridge to keep meals and roasts from spoiling for a time would be extremely helpful, but it could be very expensive to craft of course.
  • Add elevators!
  • Buff the antlion greatsword partially, as the nerf on it is too much imo. Especially after seeing how strong the infected wolf spider is, it should not be hard to kill using a fully upgraded spicy sword, the literal weakness to spiders.

Everything else though I think is great, and the boss was fun. I also know many other things are planned like a full story, dedicated servers, and new base defenses. I would also hope to see upgradeable armor added in. Lastly I believe a praying mantis is being added in the game, and I think this would also be cool, so hopefully it is. Mini bosses are always fun, but like the broodmother I think we should be highly rewarded for killing them. I would like to see a full set of broodmother armor for this purpose as well, but I digress. Great work so far!



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I forgot to include the new weapon nerfs. I think this is one of the worst updates I've ever seen in the game. It makes no sense, it makes the game more annoying rather than challenging and fun, and seems to serve no purpose other than to please some of the people that complain that the game is too easy. News Flash, these same people have spent 50 in game days trying to get an antlion greatsword, and then when they do they say it's too easy to get. The whole idea that the game is too easy is kind of idiotic imo, as one can just play whoa mode if they need to. Heck, add all these supernerfs in that mode, and let all the grinders have their fun, while we can have ours. I think it would have been fine to nerf some base damage, maybe some repair costs, or maybe even buff some enemies; but to reduce damage, reduce attack speed, reduce durability, increase repair costs, and increase upgrade costs is not a nerf, it's a complete destruction of the combat system. Literally if this stays and the full story comes out, no one's going to spend a week grinding out 300 quartzite to upgrade a weapon that then can't even be upgraded because they can't find the 15 scarabs in order to do so. Like me, they're going to play the game just for the story, maybe kill a wolf spider by glitching it somewhere, and then delete the game. "well cool game on game pass, ok next" I'm not too worried about this though as I know most people want this reverted, and only the handful of "skilled players" like the new "challenge" in spending 16 hours running around the yard collecting resources. Wow they're so talented, they should go pro!

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I second the elevators. The stairs and bounce webs get a bit crazy when making  Grounded's version of skyscrapers. :)  Though I think they might have to make it work like an old school elevator with a lever the player uses to go up/down as the code need to determine what is being used a floor/ceiling/shelf and the various height differences that could be between floors... yikes. I think the lever type fits in better with the aesthetic as well. Or we could have to place elevator shaft pieces to denote floors if they did go with a button style. 

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