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Hang Glider instead of Glider

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WIth the Dandelion and the Zip lines we basically have a hang glider.
Altho with the zip line you can transport stems etc.

I do want one but at the same time i dont.
I do like the ide of one, but the map feals to small for a Hang Glider, a Zip Line, and a Dandelion.

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I like the idea of faster forward at the expense of hangtime.  The thing about hang gliders is they won't be functional as it's an item that has to be carted to a location.  It's not like the ninja kites in Naruto that most people would want in game.


A wings suit would probably be better for you. Portable can allow for movement after deployment and not have to rely on cleared path for landing(though it would be painful to collide) to avoid large scale damage.

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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