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Stored items Losing Health

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Has anyone noticed items stored on mannequins or in chests losing health? I placed fully repaired Ant Armor, Spider Armor, and underwater gear on mannequins and a newly crafted dagger in a chest. When I went back to get them, they were all at half heath -- every item.

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This happens when loading a save, whether auto or player created. I've tested several times. Any item placed in a chest or mannequin that has a durability value goes down to 50% and stays there after loading a save.  This also includes food left in cooking fires.

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Screenshot_20220127-120147_Gallery.thumb.jpg.91e51837328e0040d8f4640827d2f747.jpgI am having the same issue. I have been building sets of armor and weapons to use on family game night, and all their brand new stuff is already broken.  Is this a feature or bug? This was all built and immediately put in storage. 

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