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  1. I have just created a new concept of a weapon called the blackthorn axe.
  2. I was one of the first players of grounded and it's true if you attacked a worker ant and didn't finish it. It would make a group of soldier ants attack your base.
  3. Termites are coming to the game there's going to be wood pile by the shed which is now a termite lair I won't say what termites drop but it's good.
  4. That's in one of my suggestions to grounded to, check my 5 things I think should come to grounded.
  5. 1 ****roach, it will not be a boss or be alone there will be multiple hanging around some new sewers where you can find a new scab and a milk molar. It will not be friendly and will attack by lashing at you with its atenna to try get hold of your weapon. You can get your weapon back by either getting a friend to hit the ****roach or pressing following icons on your screen to get back your weapon and do some damage to the ****roach . Another attack will be it lunging at you. If you defeat the ****roach you'll get ****roach parts and ****roach atenna which you can make into a whip to tame a creatures of the back yard. 2 Red Spotted Ladybug , the red spotted ladybug will be like the ladybug but will do more damage and have more health and drop red spotted ladybug wings and red spotted ladybug parts which can be used to make a full set of red spotted ladybug armour and as the full set of armour perk you be able to fly. Infected red spotted lady bug will be found in the wolf spider cave in the haze but instead of spider webs and creepy bones there will be a boss battle room filled to the brim with aphid corpses and you will need a lot of cooked aphids to summon the infected red spotted ladybug. You may be wondering why cooked aphid and not raw aphid it's because the aphids that go in the haze are scorched by the gas and turn into cooked aphids. Like the brood mother it will have a cool way getting in the room and the infected red spotted ladybug is exploding out of a wall. The boss will charge you and grow a fungus and hit you with it as a club. It could also summon infected aphids which will work as a healer to the infected red spotted ladybug. If you defeat the infected red spotted ladybug you'll get parts to make a exploding club. 3 Dung Beetle, the dung beetle is a friendly creature who will spawn at a ripped dog poo bag. He will defend himself by burying himself in the dog poo and once the dung beetle has healed he will chuck poo balls at you to knock you off the poo hill. It will also jump out of the poo like the antlion but with sand. If you defeat the dung beetle you'll get parts to make a tier 3 shovel which you can shovel dirt and sand as a levelling system and poo as a fertilizer. 4 Other part of the yoked action figure maybe the toy could be a robotic boss and you haft to fix it because its the character's favourite toy but when you get the toy fixed it turns evil on you and fights you. To defeat the boss you maybe will haft to lure it to water so it will explode and give you a note/riddle telling you where a lab is and the manager is there and also doctor Tully who could be betrayed by the manger who is a literal mech and if you defeat him you get the mech to face harder and bigger foes. 5 THE BIGGER FOES Tarantula Scorpion Bird Eating Spider who'll maybe eat the crow Praying Mantis Worm Dragonfly Toad Frog Baby Snake
  6. I am copying my power point to word to here so I had to scrap 16 ideas to the game just so it would fit in the formus.
  7. TRAPDOOR SPIDER • I think the trapdoor spider should be a boss. • To fight the spider, you need a tier 3 hammer to bust open the trapdoor, if you defeat the spider you get trapdoor spider skin which you can maybe make tier 3 tools with. SCORPION The scorpion is another boss, but you don’t require any tools you just need to find the hidden lair. You can get scorpion parts and scorpion pincers. BEETLE • It will attack by jabbing you with its horn and ramming you like a ladybug. It will have double the health of a roly poly/woodlice. It is not a boss and will roam around a certain place. There’s also multiple of them above the koi pond. You can tweak the creation just add it to the game. LADYBUG CARAVAN (as shown on https://www.reddit.com/r/GroundedGame/comments/igamqe/concept_art_ladybug_caravan_redditor_idea/) • I think if you want to get the saddle you need to find the burgl chip I suggest you put it in the trapdoor spider lair or scorpion.
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