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Getting the best from lord darryn voulge, seek advice

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I'm wondering what MC (or SC) would make the best use of lord darryn voulge, for a melee build. Havn't use it much except as a stat booster for fury.

So far, i'm torn beetween any MC of hellwalker, devoted, berseker.

Monk for chance of free hit on crit (stacking charge faster) and all goodie (+mig/int, thunderous blow, speed buff and some nice attack)

Devoted mostly for clear out, bonus hit to crit, mob stance, and bonus armor recovery and pen/accuracy

Berseker for speed buff, hit to crit, carnage applying charge in aoe (if not mistaking) and bonus mig/pen.

Playing POTD with community patch and balance mod. Not solo.

Any though?

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Yes, the general consensus from past posts is that the best builds for AOE mayhem with the Voulge are berserker/devoted, berserker/tactician or berserker/monk. In any case, you'd want to bind it to barbarian for the static thunder upgrade. Otherwise, it's great as a stat stick for druids, as you know.

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It's a great weapon, and it's a lot of fun when you crit and set off the stacks of static thunder in a big, impactful AOE explosion. The key word here is crit, of course, so you want to boost your crit chance as much as possible. This is the reason why you want to go with berserker, and the brute is probably the best  build, so you get the intuitive inspiration as well. You may want to also use either luminous lobster or captain's banquet foods, or svef, to make you immune to berserker confusion and also to resist distraction from pesky rogues and bosses with persistent distraction, who will otherwise kill your intuitive inspiration. Monk is fun however when you get swift strike/heartbeat drumming cascades, but the brute is a bit sturdier and reliable IMO.

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