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Charmed companions getting targeted by non-charmed companions. How can I change that?

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So, currently in Od Nua level 8 fighting against the Fampyrs and... well, they aren't that hard, except for the fact that my companions are targeting their charmed friends with attacks.
Zahua killed Aloth that way xD

I have no class-AI active, only the auto-attack AI. Any advice for me?

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4 hours ago, Ouroboros226 said:

Let the traitors that are too weak-minded to resist the Fampyrs die ;)  You don't want unreliable companions who become a liability and turn on you the second a fampyr tries to charm them with a cheesy pick-up line.

😂 Just don't tell my companions, ok? Because recently my main got confused... and healed enemies through consecrated grounds... 😅

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