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  1. Iirc, Kana said something about 5 siblings. Or they were 5 in total, can't really recall. I wouldn't mind seeing PoE up to 5.... ETA: He's the youngest of 6. Obsidian, if you're going to grant Ouroboros his wish, you have some work ahead of you
  2. That's the one. Forgotten Sanctum. Felt like the most difficult part of the entire game to me, at least in terms of combat . Edit: I don't do megabosses, so I don't know about those.
  3. One thing I noticed about Serafen as a witch was that his Wild Mind subclass means he sometimes "hits" himself and nearby allies when using cipher spells. When spirit frenzied he often staggered himself and others around him and I suppose it would be the same with blood frenzy. I'm sure there are ways to play around that, but I think I'll just go SC cipher with him in the future. ... or yes, sc barbarian. Guess I always simply thought of him as a cipher (because shiphunter).
  4. Hm, not sure. At the end of PoE1 the watcher directs the souls of the Hollowborn of Dyrwood and iirc, passes out afterwards. Repairing the big wheel would mean directing all the souls of all living beings in Eora that died within the last - don't know what period of time, really, but anyway. It's just... much bigger. Similarly, the destruction caused by Eothas is much worse than that of the Slaying Face, who only broke one pillar. At least, that's what I think
  5. Just don't tell my companions, ok? Because recently my main got confused... and healed enemies through consecrated grounds...
  6. Aloth got as many as 3 in that scripted interaction. Made me wonder if it's possible to perma-die there just by making the wrong choices. (Even if you go in there without injuries, I mean. And yes, it's the survivor path in SSS. )
  7. 1) I believe Dereo said at some point that he was searching the mosaic because "someone else would be grateful". I thought it was more about money or influence for him than really about Ukaizo. 4) I siphoned part of the dragon's soul. I don't know if that's "good" - it's a compromise, setting the dragon free but buying the watershapers time to figure it out. To your other questions I have no answers, except that I love the game too
  8. You can recruit new companions even when you go with a full party. It will open the party management window, so you can integrate them in the party right away, or let them wait in Caed Nua until you want to change your party. (I remember always going to new areas with a party of 5 when I first played the game because I was unsure of just that - not necessary )
  9. Hello Aarik Ok, it works. I don't know what I did... except for the fact that I was offline before and online this time, does that matter? I could never click on the world map before, no matter how I opened it. But I can now so... sorry for all that needless trouble and thank you very much for your help. Sanasu
  10. Hi Merina Yes, I can see Valewood as well as Gilded Vale on the map, however, I cannot click on anything. I finally realized I could upload the screenshots and post the link.... This is what it looks like: http://www.upload-pictures.de/bild.php/95686,pillarsofeternity1G2M03.png When I click on the map icon: http://www.upload-pictures.de/bild.php/95687,pillarsofeternity265HDJ.png I cannot find anything that corresponds to the small yellow square shown on this map. Neither stealth mode nor tab show anything clickable in the area. When I change to "world map": http://www.upload-pictures.de/bild.php/95685,pillarsofeternity3CXDCG.png Thank you very much Sanasu
  11. Hi everyone Yes, I do know there's already a thread with this problem, and it's marked "solved" (here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72341-solved-cant-leave-cilant-lis/?hl=%2Bcilant+%2Blis ), but... I do NOT have a compass icon, the only icon that is there at the southern exit from Cilant Lis only opens the map . I did uninstall and reinstall Pillars of Eternity, but got stuck at the same spot. I bought the game from steam and I'm using a Windows 10 OS. I am, as a friend once (not kindly, but correctly ) stated a "computer idiot", so... I was unable to attach the savegame. Sorry!!! For the same reason, I'll be grateful if any suggested solution to this would be in simple step-by-step manner... Thank you very much!!! DxDiag: DxDiag.txt output_log: output_log.txt I tried to attach a screenshot, but it was too big *sigh*, I did my best, if you need anything more, please tell me how I can do that. Again... thank you very much for your patience ;D Sanasu
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