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Problem with Jerk Racks

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Hello, Hopefully this is the correct place to post this. I have had constant issues with Jerky Racks. I have 3 of them (though this happened when I had 2) but I dont even remember them disappearing when I had just 1 Rack.  Every once in a a while all my food will disappear. This can be 30 seconds after I place them all on the Jerky Rack or 5 mins or a bit even later. 

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I have had almost 10 jerky racks on the rocks near the pond. No protection.   Food often left for many days and I still come back to full racks.  Sometimes only taking what I need and leaving the rest.    I have seen ants take the meat off the fire spits before.  But never witnessed off the jerky racks.   I will have to load my racks up and see if meat starts to disappear.  Maybe it is something new they added. 

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