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  1. Yep. Cant stand when I accidentally throw my mint mace/demon club and cant find them. Also wish I could change the left bumper from throwing my good weapons.
  2. I've been working on a pretty massive castle in grounded. I'd love to show off what I have so far. I dont have any PC recording equipment to capture my xbox. Is there a simpler way to record a video of me walking around the castle? I know you can take quick videos on xbox but I dont know if that's the best option. I always seem to have upload issues with them. Screen shots will be hard since the castle is so big its hard to get good images. I can try the xbox screen capture if that's the only way. How do most people make the long videos for lets plays and stuff?
  3. I really think you need to be adding achievements for every update release. I think its especially important for games that are early access to give the players that have done almost everything the game has to offer more things to do. Otherwise each update is pretty short. Also makes it more fulfilling. I hope you guys do an update and add a bunch of achievements. I love the game. I don't want it to end. I want there to be so much more to do. Achievements help encourage that. Thank you dev team for creating a game that I love and haven't had this much fun with in a long time. I stopped playing for the last month or so since I ran out of things to do. Ive been building a gigantic castle. But it been feeling a bit stale. I hope to return to it. Also hoping for more and better building options. Mainly the pillars connecting with other pieces better and not looking awkward and the floor pieces can look weird when making sure shapes. Again thank you. I really love the game. I hope you plan add add a lot more achievements.
  4. Hello, Hopefully this is the correct place to post this. I have had constant issues with Jerky Racks. I have 3 of them (though this happened when I had 2) but I dont even remember them disappearing when I had just 1 Rack. Every once in a a while all my food will disappear. This can be 30 seconds after I place them all on the Jerky Rack or 5 mins or a bit even later.
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