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PotD melee Chanter MCvsSC. Pros and cons of the different classes? with talker stats :) for a full party

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Stats: M13/C13/D07/P15/I16/R14 or something along those lines (these are my stats I settled now in POE1)

I will definitely carry Edér and Aloth with me, with probably Maia as well because I love Kana so much.

Scrounging through all the builds on this forum, I saw that there are quite some missing of all the martial classes , so I am asking instead xD

Howler vs War Caller vs Cantor vs Herald vs Wildrhymer vs Harbinger vs SC (most likely Skald or Troubadour - because the others seem too niche?)
The most interesting ones to me for flair are Cantor, Herald and Wildrhymer, with honorary mention to SC (because Skald was my first run I finished SCSBG2 with). 
Reading through all the available builds on the sticky, gameplay-wise Harbinger or Howler could be a lot of fun as well, but I dunno... Sucks that there aren't any builds listed for Cantor or Wildrhymer. Or SC Chanter for that matter. Are they meh or are they just missing because noone bothered to put them in the sticky?

So, TLDR: What are the pros and cons of the SC Chanters and martial MC Chanters for a melee build with talkative stat-spread in a full party on PotD?

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Oh yeah, I see that the stats are very minmaxed...

Considering that as a monk I would want to get hit, wouldn't be higher Resolve be counterintuitive? Never played much of a monk outside of Act 1 in poe1...


Also, would multiple Chanters (with different MC and subclasses) still be viable like in poe1 or not so much anymore?

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The Rumbling Boar build dumps RES; the idea with that build is that disable and kill foes quickly, and thus don't get hit too much, but enough to give you abundant wounds. And chanters are very powerful in POE2 as well. You could definitely do an all chanter party if you wanted, maybe with a solo chanter and then various chanter multiclasses.

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