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Edér on PotD: keep him as a fighter or turn him into a rogue?

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With Edér's stats, which of the 2 would be better?

Outside of PC I never played much with Rogue, and well, it didn't go that well...

But I wonder if Eder could make a good rogue?

Rogue has more debuffs and should have higher single-target dps, but fighter is naturally sturdier.

I don't mind the fact that rogue has no aoe damage or CC, as that is covered by my other party members.

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Depends on the difficulty. At lower difficulties Rogues are great - but the more enemies the less impactful a Rogue becomes imo. Fighter is sturdy but boring most of times in my experience, but Charge - although late game stuff - can turn a boring Fighter into fun. 

A Rogue variant I liked to play a lot was Godansthunyr (hammer) + Badgradr's Barricade (bashing shield). Both sturdy (enough) and good damage output as well as decent single target CC. Before getting those items you can use any other hammer (there are some good early ones - or you can simply chose another main weapon) + bashing shield (the first one is Larder Door). The thing with Badgradr's Barricade is that it procs Thrust of Tattered Veils without limit per encounter. So every crit will proc it. And since spells work with Deathblows (not Sneak Attack) it will get +100% DMG if the target has two afflictions. Godansthunyr has two DMG types and stuns on crit which is also nice. They also look great together imo. 

Both Fighter as well as Rogue make good spell binding users. You know: using items that hold some spells per rest. Rogue has Deathblows which works with spells and Fighter has enormous accuracy due to starting values and Disciplined Barrage. It can spice both classes up to be able to sling some spells. For Rogue I would prefer damaging ones while the Fighter is better with CC components imo. Also stuff like Prestidigitator's Missiles (for Rogue) and Aspirant's Mark (Fighter) are not bad. It's like a mini spell mastery since 1/encounter. 

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