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Monk/Cipher vs Paladin/Cipher, which one is best for upscaled POTD + all DLC and megabosses?

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Hey guys, just finished Deadfire on Veteran and had a blast. Now I'm looking to play with the hardest and even includes some challenges (not all). 

I've narrowed down to Transcendent vs Inquisitor. Was wondering which build will be better suited for hardest difficulty? I will be playing with companions. 

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Forbidden Fist/Cipher can be very good. Enfeebled does stack with Lingering Echoes and combined with the +10 INT from Duality of Mortal Presence and Psychovampiric Shield you can get absurd durations for all effects you put on enemies (e.g. Dominate or Disintegrate). 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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