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I just wanted to leave some suggestion and feedback but then i read your post :-D

Because I encounter the same issue and know how annoying it can be.

After the Update it seems that the fireflies are stuck in the corner of the hedge far above the ground.

Even if you were able to hit them with arrows they can't reach you.
Hope this helps :-)

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I haven't seen even one since the update. They use to appear across the pond and two usually came near my base by the birdbath, high up on the stone wall.

Now....not a single one.  I'll try some of the places mentioned here and see if I can locate them. Crow feathers have also disappeared form their usual places as well.

Obsidian is so great at solving most of the glitches when we bring them to their attention. Hope they patch this soon.....I'm running out of arrows and would like

to make a few other hanging lights for my base. :) 





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