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Now VS Then  

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  1. 1. Do you Love Grounded's combat more Now or when it was at Launch

    • I love it more now than I ever did and nothing can change that
    • The original Combat was the best by far: Change My Mind

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Grounded has one of the best survival combat systems I've seen and I play a lot of survival games. The game is well balanced for fighting bigger creatures that hit like trucks as well as swarms of smaller insects between the dual wielding, blocking, parry, and stun effect. I am a big fan of games with complex combat systems with all the deflects, faints, stances, heavy and light attacks, parries, and anything that adds depth to the combat. But I run into trouble when I want to play with my friends who typically are more casual when it comes to gaming, and there is nothing wrong with that. Grounded is the perfect game for a fan of complex combat who wants to play with their casual gaming friends. This is thanks to the easy to learn combat with challenging fights, and if you know some of the depth to combat in grounded it becomes even more fun for people who like challenges. let's talk about what I love and what I would add to what I love:

Charged attacks:

if you don't know right now in grounded there is a little secret where if you hold your attack button down on mouse you will do a delayed attack that would appear to be stronger although I haven't looked much into that aspect of things. You can do this with practically every tool except the hammer, I have found. This attack is delayed on the opening, as well as lingers out longer making the attack move slower, but now because of attack canceling with blocks you can remove that extra end Lag and retract it quicker with the weapons that need it. It also feels as if the player is putting more power into these attacks with more dramatic animations. I would love to see these attacks implemented further maybe adding extra stun on these attacks as well as maybe balancing with a slower block to cancel recovery.


I love games with shields when Minecraft first received shields, I was one of the few people who popped off. I hear a lot of people complaining how they are too powerful and break the game, which they do, but not as badly as most people think. Shields in history where overpowered. In most one on ones if one person had a shield and the other didn't, you can bet the shield guy was winning. now I don't feel shields should be able to block every attack, most bigger creatures such as spiders, Ladybugs, stinkbugs, and anything bigger than a player should have at least one attack that can pierce shield blocks, but there should be long periods of time in an insects attack chain where a shield can be used without punish. An idea to balance it other than changing bugs could be to make it so an even more perfectly timed release of block does a parry and deals a little stun, this could also be paired with a shield bar in you block bar that depletes the longer you hold it or take attacks. the parry could than replenish some of that bar upon completion. I feel it should take time away from blocking to regain the shield bar over time. shields are great and I want to see more of them in grounded.


I love the blocking in this game, it is punishable if done to much, most weapons can't block every attack in the back yard, and you have parries. And now with attack Block to cancel added, Blocks are even cooler. being so versatile and easy to understand I don't know why I don't see more people using them. I already touched on charged cancel, but imagine faints. I don't know if this is possible but what if bugs reacted to incoming attacks and you could "faint" an attack to scout what a bug might do. the idea of this is mouth watering to me, and the implications if PVP ever became viable, I can only imagine.


I love Grounded's combat, it is thrilling, challenging, and easy to pick up and start smashing bugs for all gamers. dying is a huge part of the system I died a lot when I first played. but once you get the hang of it is really fun and enjoyable. I am always hoping for new foes and new armaments to come to the backyard with each new update, and so far I have loved every single mother loving feature added to the game related to combat and enemies. I would love to hear what your thoughts on Grounded combat is or even Aquatic combat I didn't even touch on how good underwater combat is either and it is most certainly one of my top five games for water based combat. let me know what you love about this wonderful games beautiful combat or maybe what you don't love and would have changed feel free to share.

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I feel like combat could benefit with one thing above all, and that is ADS for bows. The archery in this game is just fantastic on par with some amazing archery games, but it lacks that edge of ADS. Id even accept it as a mutation, which as that number grows we should be able to access more mutation


Medallions would be amazing. Like for instance crafting an ant medallion would give you increased food carrying capacity.

And an aphid medallion would give you 5 seconds of enemy ignorance. Making even spiders ignore you for five seconds when within range.

And finally binoculars would be a boon for combat ops knowing the rough area an enemy would be in would save hours of wasted travel time if the creatures have yet to respawn

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