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  1. To be honest I side with more players. It'd be nice to have some custom characters with little to no lines. I have a lot of friends that play this and we would love to play together . Also imagine if we could turn off player location markers and do a 4v4 grounded survival!
  2. I believe it was confirmed that black ants are coming. But I've preached squirrels for awhile. But I think the best creature to add to the next update. Is a Rat Boss for the shed. If there are rats, then there could one day be a snake. Imagine the armor, weapons and even structure you could build with these things. With a rat I could see an awesome New Axe. With a squirrel a new Tooth Hammer. And a Snake fang makes a mean sword. Also some one found "Clover Glider" in the list of hidden resources. Now a boat or canoe would be awesome! I feel a canoe would be much more logical with Pete's scout training. Bark would be awesome! Lots of uses!
  3. Not a bad idea. I said something similar in my Ants! post. Ants are the perfect pet. You could attach a storage chest or saddle and go on out. And maybe if it's loyalty is high enough you could use a voice emote for it to fetch arrows or weapons your thrown
  4. Ants are probably the cutest dang guys in all the backyard. With their little chitters and coos, they can be annoying sure; Always trying to yoink your food off the spit but look at that cute pupper face! No what's my point you ask? Was I just here to make a statement of ants? I mean kinda BUUUUT..... I would like to say Ants will be the ultimate pets. Hear me out! Mules. Ants could possibly carry a storage container for extra backpack space! Or even be exceptional fighters that only attack when you are hit. They also could be built with a fetch command. And devs if you read that and thought "sure want the kitchen sink too?" I understand but I think I can give an idea. Voice commands. Like we already have for "Look over here!" When a tool is thrown and only when a voice command is given the ant will retrieve. Now such an ultimate pet must surely have a big set back. Yeah getting it. You think a few measly scraps will make a worker ant leave it's colony? No. I say add one more resource (rare drop) from worker ants (higher chance with soldier). Pheromone sack. Take 10 for a bundle of 3. Only works on worker ants. Thoughts?
  5. I agree, a home is a whole other ballpark! Especially one that is 2 stories with what I can only assume include AT LEAST a single car garage? If anything the front yard would make for a better expansion sequel and then finish with a home DLC. Because let's be honest the interior of that she'd will be daunting enough. A home that include multiple stairs, rugs, planets, more vicious insects, pets, toys and food RELATIVELY kept in the kitchen, survival would be an ultimate challenge there. Little in the way of raw resources, hiding spots not already occupied, I'd be happier in the front yard where a dog dookie is the scariest mountain to climb.
  6. For Xbox in particular ofc weve always lacked any mod support but I think that grounded could jump on board with what space engineers has done and that's use Mod.Io Mods in grounded would be amazing and they can even do what Skyrim did. Use mods? Okay no achievements. Dude, I'm totally okay with that. Mods also allow for a game to stay in the lime light while devs take time working on QUALITY content. And let's be honest, the bigger Grounded gets, the more trolls will take notice. As grounded grows it's only going to take more time to produce Q.O.L and progression of story; and that's okay! I'm not here to bash the devs I'm just stating the fact that they are human and deserve time to focus. Putting power in the hands of talented players can come in handy! Like my previous post "Bosses!!" I mentioned that bosses could hold some serious sway in our building by introducing new architecture, weapons, and maybe even play styles! Mods would allow us to expand on all of that. Heck even give us character customization or all new models all together. Grounded has the means to stand toe to toe with Minecraft in it's world personalization. What do you guys think? Would you put mods on if it means you could roleplay as insects? Or create a wooden water jetpack? What about a belt fed thistle LMG?
  7. I feel like combat could benefit with one thing above all, and that is ADS for bows. The archery in this game is just fantastic on par with some amazing archery games, but it lacks that edge of ADS. Id even accept it as a mutation, which as that number grows we should be able to access more mutation Medallions would be amazing. Like for instance crafting an ant medallion would give you increased food carrying capacity. And an aphid medallion would give you 5 seconds of enemy ignorance. Making even spiders ignore you for five seconds when within range. And finally binoculars would be a boon for combat ops knowing the rough area an enemy would be in would save hours of wasted travel time if the creatures have yet to respawn
  8. With the brood mother skittering her way in, my team and I talked about bosses. We think some great radiant boss types to implement would be A queen bee/s A frog Squirrel And finally a snake Now bees we can totally see coming and a frogs KIND OF SPECULATION but tadpoles... So... But a squirrel... Now that's a different ball field. I think that a squirrel should show up one day every 10- 15 days after you reach 35 days. It won't be a boss that is sequential but could be worth the hunt for it's hide and bones! Imagine a squirrel tooth bone hammer! Or fur armor! Now a snake is truly a terrifying thing to think of being in grounded and they would have to probably add a ophidiophobia mode too; HOWEVER the shed would be a perfect place for a snake. It's scales could make amazing structure and armor making it the first item to be used in house building and tools. A venom one handed long sword you could style like a katana. Perhaps true shogun armor. Have the building style be Edo era Japan. whilst the Squirrel and it's bones are Norse. If these don't make it in I PRAY Obsidian pulls a Mojang and open sources the game to allow modded worlds. But I'll make another post about that. Let me know what you guys think
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