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Thanks to @HaplokI just tried this out and it's the most broken weapon in the game if you are willing to abuse any form of extension duration and a soul blade's passive giving them +10 Focus pool on melee kill.

With 1k focus it already ticks for 130 every 3 seconds, with 2k focus its at 290 for some reason, haven't found a big enough enemy group to get to 4k yet, but I will report once I have 😛

It does seem to multiplicatively increase the more focus you have the higher the benefit per point of focus seems to be.

This is much more broken than bleeding cut, since it doesn't scale off the damage of your initial hit but your focus instead.

(and bleeding cut is already super op)

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5 minutes ago, thelee said:

you still need to be able to generate that much focus over a fight, though, right? or are you talking about having so many stacks of the soul blade effect that your starting focus is already gigantic?

Yes, even tho the soul blade passive is not clear on this it also increases your starting focus by somewhere around 25% of your max focus.

I am "only" at 4000 max focus atm, so my starting focus is "only" 1k, but I think with a cipher/wizard it might be less tedious to get more focus.

The kind of tedious but so far best method I have found is to whack a ranger pet out of combat until I see one of my concentration stacks disappearing in red over character.

Then use Strand 10x, rinse and repeat.

What might be less tedious is to go to Belranga with wiz/cipher and WoD, once Belranga is angry enough to killsteal her own little spiders, stasis shell her (her defenses should be super low at that point)

edit: I honestly think 1k starting focus is more than plenty already, should kill dorudugan in seconds and you could even use SA once he is half hp or so

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38 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

Yes, Seeker's Fang is bonkers on ciphers. Too bad all plaques of the ultimate are gone by now. ;)


Well not that great for the Ultimate since you have to use it with abilities so it doesn't degrade.

My rogue/(non skaen)priest was in a good spot to beat the Ultimate about 2 months ago but I just stopped playing because I didn't feel my best since then.

At the end of the day a spot on the plaque is nice for those who've earned it but not getting it isn't the end of the world. :)

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1 hour ago, Boeroer said:

Yes, Seeker's Fang is bonkers on ciphers. Too bad all plaques of the ultimate are gone by now. ;)


still patches left ,but it's pretty understandable that the incentives for completion are significantly reduced without a plaque spot.

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