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what's your paladin type?

if you are kind wayfarers, then dual-wielding weapons are great. a flail like ball and chain is handy (chain breaker is great).

if you are 2h style, then a great sword like twin eels with a high religion skill can you give some aoe heal upon a kill, in addition to a once/rest self-revive

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2 hours ago, Andres Arigon said:


I am a wayfare (healing with my white fire ❤️ I love it!) . If I go with dual-wielding weapons I am going to heal (AOE)x2?? 

yeah, you basically become an immense healing machine since you basically can heal almost as much as a priest restore, except you can spam it many times in a fight, all while also doing damage (and buffing yourself or party members, depending on upgrade).

it's also pretty generous - if the enemy dies from the first attack of the two weapons, your second attack is "saved" (instead of wasted) so that when you attack someone else, you still get the healing from it.

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If you have a single class Kind Wayfarer then I highly recommend to take Divine Retribution later in the game and get a Chanter party member who can summon Ancient Brittle Bones and uses the Many Lives Pass By phrase. Troubadour with Brisk Recitation + Many Lives is the best combo with SC Kind Wayfarer imo. 

You will send a lot of really weak skeletons into he fight all the time and when they die they will give the Paladin +2 Zeal. Which means 2 more White Flames uses. You can spam it all the time then and at the same time heal all the time. Just time it so/position yourself that you don't heal the skeletons every time. ;)  

Edit: since White Flames heal you as well you can even combine that with Divine Immolation to great effect. But again: don't heal your skeletons.

It also works if you kill the skeletons yourself by the way. It's easy to do "accidentially" with Powder Burns (blunderbuss modal) for example.  

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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On 4/7/2021 at 9:42 PM, Boeroer said:

Magran's Blessing + Sun & Moon is a well known combo since it can give you +4 Power Levels for Flames & Devotion. 

Is Magran's blessing a shield + off hand weapon? I mean I can use both passive 2hands and shield passives?

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Quick question...

With double weapon (Kind wayfarers) is better 

Eternal Devotion or Shared Flames ? which is better for a support/healer paladin?  If I use eternal devotion.. my first hit will heal X but my second hit will hit X+bonus?

Also, a general question. 

I am playing using turn base (I love turn base games more than the original version) how important is the Dex in turn base?


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With Eternal Devotion your offhand-attack will work as the main hand attack: it will only have the 20% lash, not 20% + 10%. Your following attack rolls will then have tha 10% lash. 

Not ethat Eternal Devotion's 10% lash lasts a lot longer than Shared Flames and works with all attack rolls of the Paladin (including spells or stuff like Sacred Immolation).

Shared Flames lasts not as long and the AoE is not that big (smaller than White Flames') - but if you time it right and use it when most of your party ae in range it can be a good support ability. 
It stacks with other lashes, for example with the Chanter's Aefyllath Mith Fyr phrase. 

For a support paladin I would pick Shared Flames.

In Turn Based mode Dex is a lot less important than in Real Time with Pause mode. 


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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