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Is wiki's list of ending slides still incomplete?

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I noticed it has been finally updated to contain slides for all dlc, but I don't think it contains any slides related to the crown or free patch stuff? Though I guess it could be that your "Woedica Codec" conversations can't actually affect the ending much besides there being slide for crown iirc? 😄

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16 hours ago, house2fly said:

each DLC gives you a unique Neck item at the end; at some point after getting at least one you'll be ambushed by cultists in Neketaka, after which you can meet a new character at Marihi's Metalworks and get a crown

Wow. This has not happened to me.

@Boeroer: Doesn't that ("which nobody needs") apply to essentially all loot in the game? 😀

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Yeah ok, but this crown is really not particularly useful for anybody - especially when you look at how difficult it is to get.

Other items are at least very desirable to have for certain character builds.

One could make the argument that Godlikes might want it - since it looks like a crown on your head but actually gets equipped in the neck slot. Okay, cool cool... but still its enchantments are weak compared to some other unique amulets/necklaces which you can get a lot earlier. 

It allows for a dominate 1/rest and will give you +1 to RES and MIG per knocked out party member (NOT ally like summons, it has to be actual party members). This is... really lame. :)

I guess it's cool for Steel Garrote Paladins and Woedica Priests for thematic reasons. But that's it I guess. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yeah, I checked what it does. And it is really lame, you are quite right.

Heck, PoE had the same: it was a drag collecting the pieces for the Blade of the Endless Paths and then putting it together. And then, I never used it once. I already had a better sword, which I found just lying around...

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