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Hi everyone,

After abandoning it for some months I wanted to celebrate I recently came back and managed to solo defeat Belranga, with all Magran Fires on except Eothas & Wael (luckily she got Hardened & her spiderlings got Prowling). Such a challenge and awesome experience!

My character is a Troubadour/Bloodmage. Normally Animated Weapons carry the fight with their dmg while I CC the enemies and the skeletons soak the damage, but Belranga's armor is too high and it eventually does too much AOE dmg too fast. I had to try so many approaches which I wanted to share, it made it so fun:

  1. My initial approach was to try to 1st destroy all the burrows (to hopefully keep Belranga offense-defense in a sweet spot), and in fact I managed to do so once, but she had already 100+ spiderling deaths and 20+ screams (concentration layers) so she was an unstoppable machine gun. She decided to chew me up twice (which I could have countered with the skellies chant but I forgot) and then have a final bite off Vela.
  2. Then I thought I could confuse her so that when she got to super low defenses & high accuracy she would 100% paralise herself when she used her ranged AOE attack on me. But she often switched to melee so nope, too difficult.
  3. I also thought I could petrify her with Gaze Of The Adragan, but even when she got to super low defenses it was paralising her for <5s so not worth it.
  4. Needless to say I was always buffing myself to the moon with WoD, Antidote, Arcane Veil, Llengrath's Safeguard, Displaced Image, Eldritch Aim, Merciless Graze, DAoM, Their Companion Braved the Horde Alone ... but at this point I realised I could further benefit from Potion of Perfect Aim (for Belranga high defenses) and Compassionate Soul Essence (for Belranga crits - it also seemed to help with blood sacrifice?). The shield modals The Wall & Block were also helping me hold against super-saian Belranga. And another super key realisation was Scordeo's Edge, perma giving me -60% recovery time (I opted for using the beginning of the battle to charge it up by shooting the burrows).

    ** So my quick slot items were: 5x Healing Potions, 1x Antidote, 1x Potion Perfect Aim, 1x Compassionate Soul Essence, Iron-Clasped Grimoire (no room for Withdraw Scrolls or Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries)

    ** My gear was: Horns of The Bleak Mother, Three Trolls Stitched (refused to use Shroud Of Phantasm), Bone Setter's Torc, Ninagauth's Teachings, Fleshmender (love it), Gauntlets of Accuracy, Voidward Ring, Ring Of Greater Renegeration, Boots Of The Stone, Physicker's Belt & Prissy

    ** And my 4 weapons sets were: (1) Scordeo's Edge + Shasha Scimitar -> (2) Griffin's Blade + Cadhu Scalth -> (3) Griffin's Blade + Lethandria's Devotion -> (4) Bardatto's Luxury + Phalanx (as a super-regen last resort if I ran out of potions) 

  5. This still didn't work so I went for my last option which turned out to be the successful approach: removing concentration layers from her from the beginning to keep it manageable so that I could perma interrupt / prone her at the end. I did this by non-stop using Knock Down (from the Animated Weapon), Slicken, Minoletta Concussive Missiles (TOP) and CRUCIALLY Concelhaut's Crushing Doom (MVP). Even though she had +100% speed meaning she almost ignored interrupts, the prones from the several Crushing Doom casts pinned her to the floor. At some point where she was Near Death I was so nervous I was only spamming the Blood Sacrifice button and casting this lvl7 spell like crazy, nothing else xD (I could have use Death Ring I suppose but I forgot)


Yeaaaah! Can't wait for the remaining megabosses.
Love it!

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Thanks! I only had to cast Slicken on top of her in the bottom right entrance of the area, then run to Belranga. In all my attempts she barely moved from there, I think because there is a burrow nearby that spawns a spiderling immediately. So I eventually decided to replace my Withdraw scrolls with something more useful :)

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