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Can't make any sensible use of the current Sign Frame images

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I tried to use the available images for the Sign Frame item but it's hopeless. It's impossible to explain the content in each chest.

I think Signs Frames that can hold custom text is actually more interesting for me in several scenarios. Most important when having +10 Chests in a row that each holds only one type of item.

...or maybe it would be faster to implement...
It would add great value to the Sign Frame's if the user can choose an existing "item icon" as image and also add custom text (see attached examples).



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I personally don't think they need to add anything more than the current storage icons (that they added in .7   ).

I currently just use the sign colors for what you're doing..  I put red items in red, purple in purple, etc...

I think text signs opens a can of worms, but if you could choose any in game item / inventory icon on the signs, it may actually be a nice addition... They already have the art.

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Additional thought
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Hi Odog,

I also partially use the colors to specify contents that are hard to define in chests. It helps a little. 👍

In addition to this, I organize plants, armor and other combined stuff in one row and insect parts in another row. It's not perfect but it works. Image with the fly represents all flying things etc.

For smaller storage locations, I only use three chests where I store (from left to right):

  1. Non animal items
  2. Animal/insect parts
  3. Combined/manufactured parts

In these locations I don't need any signs at all.

I think that adding a text option to the signs (as in Minecraft) may be handy in some scenarios but I would be fully content if I would have access to the already existing icons. The icons would add a great value for us that builds larger storage spaces. Also, the possibility to add up to 4 icons would be great.


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