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What's the point of Act 3 Items?

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I'm on a playthrough of the game on PotD. I am at the point of no return on Act 2 (pending animancy hearing) and finished WM1 and all sidequests available to me (including all of Endless Paths, Adra Dragon, a handful of bounties, etc.) at this point in the game.

Per the recommended play sequence from the Devs, I'm about to play Cragholdt and then WM2 before continuing on to Act 3.

However, I feel like any items that I will be able to find or buy in Act 3 will be largely moot because the game will almost be over...

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To be fair that's often a problem in linear game without repeatable content or NG+. Or at least in game with robust item upgrading. I mean you upgraded that little saber from 4th floor of your home dungeon and yeah, there is cooler one now but you it need some durgan steel and some upgrading to compare with old stuff...

Could be cool if PoE1 allowed companion export like PoE2, then this item could have more used in repeating run... Or if game implemented proper NG+ with bigger challenges and some new bosses, at least it could have allowed to use some cool endgame stuff somewhere more then pretty much final fight

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People think and think and think and think themselves into dissatisfaction. 

Who cares what and how much youre going to do with the polearm of electric slaying. Just play the game and enjoy the experience as a whole. 

Making a new mode, new game plus, just so you can use polearm of electric slaying more is ridiculous. This doesnt need to become an item finding mass monster slaying ffx2 arpg. We have those. Lets play those. 

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