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Hey, guys! How are you doing?

So, I started playing PoE2 these days. And I am making a real effort to get used to all its marvelous, intricate mechanics. After reading things here and there, understanding how an attack resolution works, etc., etc., I decided to make a Glass Cannon Ranger, focused on getting the greater number of crits he can. But I am really confused about the stacking rules, and the old thread about it didn't seem to answer my questions. As the old thread has almost 1 year with no new posts, I decided to create this one with a few questions. If I missed something in the old thread, I am sorry. But here we go.

So, as I understand, the most important attribute for someone wanting to do some crit damage is perception. I choose the Orlan race because of that, given it gives +2 perception bonus. I also have opted for the Hearth Orlan subrace, because of the Minor Threat bonus, which is great. And that's were my confusion begins. 

My first question would be: does my animal companion counts as a teammate? The bonus says that I get a chance - vague, right? - to convert some hits into crits when a teammate is attacking the same enemy as I am. But I still don't know if my beloved bear name Causeus counts as a teammate for the bonus. Anyone has an answer for that?

Another question is: I am using a Killer's Glove. Seems excellent, given that it gives me a 10% chance to crit with weapons. My question is: does this stack with the previous subrace bonus I just mentioned? Should I use a Gautlets of Accuracy instead? 

Those are my questions. Thank you in advance!

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Yes, your Animal Companion is a teammate and Minor Threat will work.

Killer's Gloves don't give you a higher chance to crit, they only give you 10% more damage if you crit (which isn't a lot).

Crit conversions do stack (other conversions, too). But not like "10% + 10% = 20%". Instead those conversion chances are checked one after the other - and if one succeeds the checking stops. You can calculate the combined chance to convert like so:

(chance NOT to convert * chance NOT to convert (and so on) - 1) * -1 --> your overallchance to convert.

Example: you have Minor Threat (10% or 0.1) and Dirty Fighting (10% or 0.1). You calculate: 0.9 * 0.9 = 0.81 -1 = -0.19 * -1 = 0.19 --> 19%

Minor Threat and Dirty FIghting and Uncanny Luck: (0.9*0.9*0.95-1) *-1 = 0.23 or 23%

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