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General Feedback after 15+ hours of playing

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After playing Grounded for 15+ hours, I have compiled a list of bugs/feedback/suggestions. 


  • Game breaking bug that happens in multiplayer. When multiplayers (not host) joins a game, sometimes they will be in an almost spectator mode where you can fly around the map and you lose your inventory when you relog.
  • Player positions in multiplayer lag/glitch out. Oftentimes we will see each other running in place or not be able to see each other for several minutes until the issue resolves itself. 
  • Aphids get stuck on grass. This occurs when you either cut the grass or kill the aphid with a bow. The aphid will just be stuck in the air after killed or after the grass is cut.
  • Lady bug health reset. When fighting ladybugs it seems that the disengage time is too low or simply a glitch. But their health will often reset, especially when fighting from afar with a bow.
  • Lady bug stun lock. When fighting up close with a ladybug, there is a glitch where sometimes the ladybug will charge and stun you before you have time to recover from the previous charge stun.


  • Running through clovers. Clovers are small yet come in dense groups. I feel that it is quite difficult to maneuver through patches of clovers to the point of extreme annoyance. I understand why grass is a hard object (since they are basically trees), but clovers feel thin and light enough to where the player should be able to push through them. This would make travel in watery areas significantly easier and much less of a hassle.
  •  Equipping items should move them out of your inventory.  When using armor it is extremely annoying to have 1/4 of your inventory simply be armor that is also in an armor slot. With inventory extremely limited, armor and equippables should not take up valuable inventory space since there is a designated place for them to be located in your inventory. This also makes since logistically since they are no longer in your backpack but instead worn on the character's body.
  • "W" key having different functions in inventory versus chests. The "W" key when in your inventory functions as a "more actions" button, but when looking in chests it functions as "take all." When switching between the two, a muscle memory forms where I associated "W" with more actions but then I'm in a chest and I accidentally take all of items, which is very annoying. 


I will continuously update this list as I continue to play, but I also want to say that I have absolutely loved this game. It's so unique and creative, and I cannot wait for future updates. As I knew going into it, this game is in early access, so the content is on the shorter side, but realistically for an early access game, there is a lot. I also have some cool ideas for future items, but I will post them in a separate post as I want this one to focus on the game as it is now. Please feel free to comment/contact me with any questions/thoughts on my feedback. I also will try and remember to take screenshots of the bugs that I can and see if I can add them to this post.
Thanks, Dumbplum

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