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Finding Desired Drops/Entities is Hard

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Recently, I have been experimenting with Grounded. I've figured out that the overall drop rates of things, and spawn rates are increasingly hard depending on your world. I think that finding them is a big issue, and every time I want to I feel the need to search their spawn locations.

There should be designated locations where I am able to set checkpoints, which should also be added, and then I can name those checkpoints and go to them. I wish the game had a checkpoint system that popped up icons on the screen with different colored arrows or something of the sort. This would overall benefit everyone. Finding things such as Ladybugs, Coi fish, mites, etc. can be hard. I understand there is a grinding aspect, but I searched the map for 30 minutes trying to find a group of mites for mite fuzz.

I am fine with grinding to find rare things, but mites.. And its not just that.. Its larva, grub tracks, wolf spiders (not normal arachnids), ladybugs especially. I think that this will be changed in the future as more complain about this issue, but I just wanted to be one of the first to start this "complaint" so the developers can patch it somehow. What do you all think about this? I'll respond to responses that are constructive criticism with my personal opinion.

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dude, there's an option called debug in the pause menu that rests the spawns, but they tend to get stuck again rather fast, so do it in the area where you want to hunt for things. Mites spawn in dead grass "biomes", wold spiders by the oak tress, especially under it, and by the flat rocks in the south east. lady bugs spawn between the Koi pond and the oak tree, grubs spawn around the tree, and larvae by the water, around the marshes near clay deposits. they also spawn by the berry hedge, near the power plug. Koi fish get stuck under the map sometimes and you need to debug respawn them, which is once per save load, so save and load if you need to do it again.

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I find in my world/build...Day#475+, mites are everywhere...as well as the other insects you list: Grubs, Ladybugs, Larvae--I can find the resources at any time I need them, I regularly prowl 'The Haze', collecting Fungal Growth, as well as Mite Fuzz...I do not have a criticism of current resource spawning system.  I used to avoid Ladybugs, once I obtained enough resources to build the armor, now I will actively eliminate them when I find them; sometimes 3 in a localized area...in fact, I eliminate them as a course of habit now to insure constant respawning of the environment. I believe that not hunting them leads to their getting stuck on the environment.  Aphids, Weevils, et al are not no longer 'cute' to this gamer, it's survival in The Backyard and I hunt them for food, yes...even the cuddly Weevils.  I passed the, 'Save the Weevil' cause after GameDay#365...Aphids are tasty too!


I 'grind' away on Mites here:

1. The Dry Grass on the East side of the Oak Tree is crawling with them.

2. Near the sparking Laser Device you're sent to during the Tutorial phase, working up towards the Large Rock & Rake, is crawling with them.

3. In 'The Haze'...Infected Mites are literally 'everywhere'. They give you twice as much Fuzz...so you got that goin' for ya!

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