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Patch 3.3 did not fix cloud saves

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I'm still having the exact same issue with Xbox cloud saves in patch 3.3.

I have an old save that still loads up ok but when I try to make a new save it doesn't seem to upload and sync to the Xbox cloud correctly still. I have also tried deleting old saves and they just come back the next time I load the game so this means there is a major sync issue with the Xbox cloud. 

When I try to load a game I saved after loading my good save, either the game will crash or sometimes it does load but I'm reset like I'm at day 0. All research points are gone, all crafting I've learned is gone, but my inventory is still there and day is set to 0. Weird.

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Thanks for reporting this issue, and I'm sorry that you've both experienced it. The team is aware that certain cloud issues remain and have been affecting players. The next content update will have a fix that should finally address this issue. However, if you have been having issues before 0.3.0 your save may be invalid and no longer work with the game. Grounded is in Game Preview/Early Access, and there will be some unfortunate growing pains and setbacks.  

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