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Client side issues are still there

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I'm hosting on PC (Game Pass) and my wife is playing on Xb1. The last update fixed a freezing/low ping issue on the client side but there are still other issues.

1. After ziplining the client character jumps nonstop until leaving and rejoining the game

2. After ziplining the sound of the zipline will go on continuously for client until leaving and rejoining

3. None of the quick pouch items stay assigned for client. Upon joining a multiplayer game it needs to be adjusted every time.

4. Portions of built structures don't align or even show up on the client's game. We built a walkway from the battletoad to the oak tree but it disappears halfway for her. If she continues walking on it she falls off the map

I feel like every update gets us closer to a great gaming experience. I'm keeping the faith

Pc specs: i9 9900k/Rtx 2070/32GB RAM

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Hey Val3ntino! Thanks for letting us know about these issues you've experienced while playing through Grounded. The team is aware of these issues, and they will be addressed in upcoming patches. Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve these bugs!

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