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Hard to find Ladybugs

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I´m currently working on the hunting ladybug quest, and I´m having trouble finding them, I have managed to find two but with a difference of 5 to 6 in-game days; the second one just below a Lemon Crime Punch-O juicebox. It would be awesome if you could help me. GG´s

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@DonWaltonJr.I had the same problem and I think it is a game bug. Sometimes some insects just don't respawn, similar thing happen to me with the infected weevil. 

The current state of my game I have a good amount of Lady Bugs and I only kill them when I get the quest.

My advice would be to abandon the quest and wait for devs patch this bug. 

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A good way to find them is going to the berry bush on the southeastern bottom of the map. It is near the water place on the bottom right, so its fairly easy to find. Under it are a lot of lady bugs, but that could just be my world.

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