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my save file is not saving

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every time im getting off of grounded I make a just in case save and log off  but when I load the game back up it did not save at all it just brings me back to the same save file from day 163 to 157 save file and it dose not remember any of the save files I did be for


I think it hast to do with the choice if I wanted to use xbox hard drive or cloud I wanted to click cloud but accidentally clicked xbox hard drive and I thought this will be fine but when I just got the zip-line blueprint built a couple of zip-lines and divide to take a brake so I saved and logged out then logged back in a couple minutes later and all that progress I did with the zippiness were gone it loaded me back were I was before I picked the xbox hard drive and now I can not change it back to the cloud so I don't know if that narrows it down for y'all 


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I think I know why
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