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8 minutes ago, thelee said:

i tried calculating this but there are so many moving parts that I think it is very hard to say. I would say just go for whatever playstyle you prefer; if you're not going to use the pet, rogue is probably better choice.

Thanks. Turn-based and using warbows, if that clarifies! ;)

But now I just discovered that Saint Omaku's warbow gives extra +2 Penetration as an enchantment. So I might not be forced to go the Devoted route for extra Penetration. So I might even go for Rogue/Ranger.

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2 minutes ago, Haplok said:

I think Fighter is a very meh class for a ranged character. Ranger / Rogue sounds A LOT better.

Yeah, I think I might do that now since Saint Omaku's is 14 Penetration already when upgraded to Legendary and Decisive Shots.

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