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Patch 0.3.1 has been Released

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Patch 0.3.1 was released today for all players. Please update your game when you see that this update is available to receive the following fixes and changes:


  • Fixed crash when placing grid-based buildings (Walls, Foundations, etc.)
  • Improved reliability of friend search in the server browser


  • Fixed issue with conversations not triggering properly
  • Hedge area art polish
  • Added impact VFX for Ice Cap mints and webbed door
  • Web sacs wiggle when hit
  • Made sticky webs easier to hit while webbed
  • The teens will sometimes verbally express their excitement when using a zipline
  • Fixed durability not randomizing between which armor piece gets deducted from when hit


  • Fixed soldier ants red eyes not appearing when angry
  • Removing "venom" from Orb Weaver loot


  • Fixed issue with Dew Drops on Dew Collectors spawning on the floor
  • Reverting the change, for now, to lock containers to one player at a time since it was causing containers to stay permanently locked occasionally


  • Potential fix for duplicate arrows being displayed on bows for clients
  • Disabling web screen effect that gets applied when players are caught in sticky webs
  • Fix for screen effects getting stuck or not appearing for clients

We want to thank everyone for sharing their feedback and reporting issues as you come across them, as they are extremely helpful while we continue to develop this game. We also want to remind you that the team is constantly working to try to push out updates to enhance your gaming experience continually.

To stay current with the commonly reported issues and to follow their status, please visit our Grounded Issue Tracker Trello Board, or you can bookmark our Known Issues List.

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed on either the Trello board or in the Known Issues List, either email us directly at support@obsidian.net or fill out the Contact form located on our Support Site and include the following information:

  1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Microsoft Store, PC Steam).
  2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game. (If multiplayer, can you let us know how many players in total in the game, and their platforms if you know this)
  3. Description of issue.
  4. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable.

Thank you again, and have fun out in the backyard!

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It doesn't seem that the performance issue was addressed according to the list provided here. Has anyone tried this out yet? If so, was the performance issue fixed, especially in the menu? 

**Update: Unfortunate this new patch did not fix the performance issues plaguing the game now since 0.3.0 graphics settings are all out of whack too. Motion blur goes away completely if you attempt to change it at all. You have super quit and then go back into the game for the motion blur to come back. It's a shame to also see that the issue also hasn't been acknowledged as a major issue on the trello board either. 

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Thank you so much for the update.  Very happy we can build again.  Have you heard of loading a game and parts of ur house are missing?  Or missing entirely?  This is going to be an amazing game once finished.  Saves are still a bit weird even after the update.  I turn off the autosave and I manually save for a workaround.

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I haven't seen an improvement in friend search. The friend I can generally find my friend's game, but she is typically unable to see mine.

The work around we use is that we load a new game on hers first, quit, then we load the one on mine. She can sometimes see my game if we loaded hers first.

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