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Patch 3.0 Observations

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Been playing the new patch about 90 minutes now on Xbox One X. 

My likes

 The new fighting changes.  It's now a mix of circling and blocking.  It was getting almost to easy to kill everything in the game, I've does a few times tonight from wolf spiders and bomb bugs.

Everything else so far but what's listed below.


My gripes

1.  Berry chunks don't go straight to inventory anymore.  I get that it's now in line with pebbles and quartzite and such, but they used to go in your pack and now it seems broken.

2. Lawn mites are stuck in place, I ran down the oak branch and every mite there just stood and watched me, some would turn others were totally locked in place.

3. No tooltip for the Spinning Wheel.  Too a while to figure out how to remove the items I made.  Tapping the button didn't to anything, nor did double, not did hiring the action button then trying to place them in my inventory.  Finally held the button down and hey it worked.

4.  LT/RT rotate objects when placing blueprint.  So far I've only made a couple chests to put the stacks of any eggs I have in after breaking them out (like the cube icon to let us know it's a stack).  I had one lived up almost how I wanted so I quick tapped RT to just nudge it a bit and it slowly started rotating, instead of just barely moving.  It's made about 5 revolutions now while I type this on my phone.

5. I thought ant eggs wouldn't stack now? I took a bundle from a chest dropped the stack so I had 10 eggs in the ground, picked up 4 to fill up my remaining slots in my backpack, and the empty slot count only changed by 1.  Inventory still shows then with cube icon.

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Xbox One X

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I agree with the Berries not going directly into inventory .... 
nothing quite like making looting in potential aggro range of a spider take more time .... 

bugs are now spawning on ANY surface you can walk on ... and many are hopelessly stuck there
the Ladybug bottomed out on top of a Research Outpost was the best ... she couldn't reach it with her feet to move ...|
so she was just stuck there wiggling on top of the research station on the post fence nearest the tree


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Patch 3.0 Observations

Platform: PC

Steam users

Multiplayer 3-4 players:

  • desynced furniture seems to happen rarely now.
  • Players are not always able to see and join game, often requires an xbox relog. would be nice with a linked steam account/ xbox account option.
  • when 3 or 4 players are ingame we see high latency, even tho we all have good connections.
  • when ingame, we experience desync of player location, player actions etc, unplayable.

Thats about it, you made an awsome game with a great vibe. Please don't turn this into an ARK type game with guns and hightech gear.. 


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