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Tree Bark, Enemy, & T3 Axe

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I think the bark from the oak tree could make for a very useful resource. It's hardy and tough so would be perfect to craft armor with as well as for building sturdier structures.

To get the bark from the tree you would need to make a T3 axe. The material for the axe could be the mandibles of the Dampwood Termite, some bug rubber, berry leather, and ladybug parts.

Termites inhabit a secret area that can be found inside the hollow of the oak tree. Underneath where the wolfspider sleeps could be a mint covering a hole that leads to a series of underground tunnels. Makes sense since the tree has roots going into the pond so they would have the correct type of diet and living conditions.

The termite itself would be neutral to the player until attacked or if the player has plant matter in their inventory. It would have the attacking power similar to that of an orbweaver but has a much higher stun chance and faster attack cycle like the rapid soldier ant attack. Its HP would be on par with orbweavers but it would resist attacks from T2 or lower weapons, meaning the player would need a T3 mallet to have a good chance of killing it so it can't be encountered early.

The axe would be capable of cutting into the oak tree and oak branch which would drop out large bark shavings every 5 hits or so. The shavings would need to be manually carried and can make the toughest walls and doors.

Additionally you could put the bark onto a saw table (termite mandible, ant parts, acorn tops  clay, woven silk) that slowlt cuts 1 bark chunk into 3 bark fragments. The fragments can then be sawed again into planks, to be turned into decorations like a chair seat, table, etc, or used directly in the T3 Treethorn Armor (pieces require bark fragments, thorns, tree sap, woven silk) that has better defense than ladybug armor. Each piece gives a Spiky buff, inflicting 1%/2%/3% recoil damage to an enemy's max health when their attack hits. All 3 pieces give the Thorny Touch buff that lets you run into enemies to hurt them.

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