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Apparently I'm a screamer

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I can't tell you how many times this game has made me scream. From the time I was luring soldier ants out of the ant hill, and just as I was about to hit daylight, a wolf spider entered the ant hole, or when the wolf spider disappeared from my screen, I moved forward to investigate, and it reappeared. Today I heard a very strange sound, something snoring, and thinking it was just a weevil, went to investigate only to run straight into and wake up an angry stink bug.

I've never screamed so much in fright from a single game. Kudos, Obsidian, but please don't give me a heartattack!

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Me as well, my friend, me as well.  At first my wife would come running into the office to see what had happened to me...Spiders, and their screaming....that's what.  She got angry and said I was the, 'Boy who cried wolf' and when I needed help; she wouldn't come running...as she shut the door to the office, LOL.


I wear a headset and didn't know I was yelping when I was attacked...and pushing my chair back from the screen.  I have a hard time NOT doing that; glad I have a looooong headset cord!

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