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Game Crash When Building

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So when I was building on top of the baseball I just finished the walls and floor and when I go through the door I lag like crazy and this wasn't happening before I built the walls. Was it because there was torches?  Wall Torches were somewhat lagging my game before

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Before the update my game would lag when I was walking close to or through my build. It got progressively worse as I added in wall torches and decorated my base but I don't think its was anything specifically to do with the torches themselves and was just to do with how much stuff I had built. I haven't had any lag issues since the update at all outside of building.

Since the update i built a huge village and still experienced no lag except from when placing new stuff (up to 10 second freeze). Again, this was purely down to the amount of stuff (walls, floors, torches and everything) that i had put down ( i knew i was pushing it) If your base isn't particularly big, then i'm not sure. 

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