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Wolf spiders wander now?

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I know the spiders have been updated to have a more varied attack pattern, but has their pathing or spawn points been changed at all?

I have a base near the new game spawn between the myseryious machine and the baseball and the most threatening thing I've seen here is an ant.

Since the update I've seen at least 2 wolf spiders wandering about a stones throw away from the base!

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they've always wandered.  they have a set path they follow, just like the orb weavers, but then they also have the ability to track and hunt you (which was reduced in the update previous to 8/26).  not uncommon to see them around the baseball.  i usually have them chase me and lead them away a bit, then they'll resume their 'wandering' at that point which you lose them.


Xbox One X

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On 8/27/2020 at 10:36 PM, Tartansnake said:

I had my original base near the baseball but relocated after a wolf spider destroyed it. They may have set paths but I've seen them almost all over the world at some point so I'm guessing they can stray when hunting.

I kinda took the fun out of the wolf spiders and trapped every single one of them in their own little prisons. Too many farming runs ruined by them and don't need their parts anymore. I've tried tossing meat down to them but they seem to only like corpses. 

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