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Water Filter (Suggestion)

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there's a few posts here with this idea.

the one i like best is a water filter system with sand and charcoal, simple to collect, create and use.

To expand on that - You'd take 2 clover leaves and make them into a funnel with woven fiber, and a twig to use as a stand.  Add sand from the sandbox (when it unlocks) and charcoal from the Roasting Spit and a pant fiber or 2 to go between.  have a container under the funnel filter, pour your water in the filter and you get potable water in the container below.  

Limited use for the funnel filter, it'd gunk up with pond stuff after say 10 uses or so and you'd have to make a new one, or repair this one with sand and charcoal from your inventory.


Xbox One X

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I am hoping the unused 'rock' will be 'charcoal' from the grill area - allowing us to get charcoal and use it with other parts, to make a water filter system to filter pond/puddle water to use.  I want more of a 'automated' system for this, so something you'd build near the water, and could go collect clean water from periodically, over another item in our inventory that gets used/stored.

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